visual art for the elementary classroom
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Supplemental Color Materials

Each grade has lessons that require some color images, from color wheels to samples of art. These are compiled on easy to download and print pdf's. The samples of art are images taken from sites that offer free access for personal or classroom use. They are not a part of the printed book because of final press print quality. They print great from a color laser or inkjet printer. Images are large and are meant to be seen big, so it is recommended to print the art on transparencies or some other form to be projected large for students to view. Print what you need when you need it! If you want all the grades in one file, just click on the image below - file size is large (40mb).

New to this site: artist information and work are online - for those that use smartboards or other computer technology. Just go to the grade pages and click on the artist to begin!

visual art